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Zhiwen Zhang

Zhiwen Zhang

Founder, CTO, Professor, AMR Therapeutics
United States
Dr. Zhiwen Jonathan Zhang Founder, CEO (Interim) and CTO, AMR Therapeutics (AMRTx). Dr. Zhiwen Jonathan Zhang, Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, completed postdoctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute under Dr. Peter Schultz. His academic journey spanned organic chemistry, biochemistry, synthetic biology, and more, laying the foundation for his transition from academia to entrepreneurship. With nearly two decades in academia, Dr. Zhang excels in translating scientific insights into practical solutions, vital for his entrepreneurial pursuits. Formerly a chairman and Associate Professor at Santa Clara University's Bioengineering Department, and an assistant professor at UT Austin's School of Pharmacy, his research yielded impactful discoveries like anti-infective drugs, fostering a rich academic and leadership background. Published in esteemed journals like Nature Biotechnology and Science, Dr. Zhang's work received major federal grants, including NIH R01, and led to 14 patents. Founding AMR Therapeutics, he pioneered novel anti-infective drugs addressing post-antibiotics challenges. Guiding AMR Therapeutics as CEO (Interim) and CTO, Dr. Zhang's commitment to evidence-based research secures collaborations, investments, and market presence. His transition signifies dedication to converting scientific progress into tangible solutions, aligning with AMR Therapeutics' mission of pioneering transformative biotechnologies. Contact: Email: