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Mingshi Chang

Mingshi Chang

LBL Biotech Inc.
1. Ph.D on immunology from the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center 2. Postdoc Fellow with Dr. David Goeddel at Genentech Inc. 3. Scientist working at Genentech Inc. and Amgen Inc. on novel drug development for 12 years 4. Inventor of osteoprotegerin and involving in the development of denosomab ( Prolia, anti-RANKL antibody), the drug for osteoporosis in the market. More than 30 patents were granted. 5. Chair professor at Medical College of National Cheng-kung University at Taiwan for 23 years. 6. More than 100 patents were granted in her scientific career 7. Founder and CEO of the spin-off company, LBL Biotech Inc. 8 Many prestigious awards were granted for her innovation and contribution to biotechnology.