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Khai Minh Pham

Khai Minh Pham

Founder and CEO, ThinkingNode Life Science, Inc.
Combining Medicine (MD) and Artificial Intelligence (PhD - Magna Cum Laude at Sorbonne University), Dr. Khai Pham has been in the field of AI for 30 years. Few have worked on a unified approach for cognition across the different AI systems, including Machine Learning, Reasoning AI, and Distributed Multi-Agent AI. He has been a successful innovator and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He moved to San Diego to be closer to its amazing scientific community to apply his next-gen Generative Distributed Reasoning AI for Life Sciences. He pioneered in the Machine Learning market as the founder & CEO of DataMind, a leading AI company using Intelligent Agent Technology. Benchmarked by Andersen Consulting Research as the best technology, it was used by major financial institutions, marketing centers, and medical manufacturers, and Bank of America acquired the patent in 2012. Later renamed RightPoint, it was acquired by E.piphany (Nasdaq:EPNY) for US$637 Million. Today, with (TNL), Dr. Pham is pioneering in Generative Distributed Reasoning AI that differs from existing Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, by two main elements: it is based on reasoning and not pattern recognition and instead of generating text, image, or video, it generates reasoning models (the way humans understand the world and make rational decisions). TNL focuses on generating Digital Human Cell Clones for drug R&D. MD and a PhD in AI both from Sorbonne University in Paris. Published several scientific papers, received international grants, taught AI at LISH-CNRS, received an entrepreneur award from BP, was EIR/Mentor at CONNECT, talked as keynote in conferences.