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Abhijit Bhatia

Abhijit Bhatia, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, Rakuten Medical, Inc.
United States
As COO, Abhijit oversees many key functions such as Global Corporate & Business Development, ITS, Procurement, Investor Relations, Commercial Strategy, among others and Regions including Americas, Europe, Asia (Japan, Taiwan, and India) – all of which contribute to the strategic direction & execution and implementation of the Company strategy. As the lead for Global Corporate & Business Development and overall commercialization strategy for the US & Europe, Abhijit has led partnership deals with large and mid-stage pharma and academia - as well as merger & acquisitions - globally. Additionally, he has played an instrumental role in fund raising of over $500 Million for Rakuten Medical. Currently, Abhijit also holds a position of Chairman of the Board of Directors at Medlight SA, a medical device company and an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten Medical, Inc. located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Furthermore, Abhijit holds a position of Managing Director of Rakuten Medical Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten Medical, Inc. in India where he oversees all aspects of the company’s growing presence in India. Prior to joining Rakuten Medical in 2017, he held research, development, and management positions at Celgene (acquired by BMS), Abraxis Biosciences (Acquired by Celgene) and Amgen Inc., the Saban Research Institute, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio. Abhijit received his MBA from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)-Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles, as well as an MS in Chemical Engineering from Cleveland State University/Cleveland Clinic Foundation.