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Barnaby Balmforth

Barnaby Balmforth

Barnaby Balmforth, PhD, Co-founder and CEO Barnaby has served as CEO of Biofidelity since he co-founded the company in February 2019. Barnaby has more than 15 years’ experience in the leadership of multidisciplinary technology development. He is an inventor on more than 25 patent families, including Biofidelity’s core technologies. Having developed an extensive network in the genomics industry, Barney co-founded Biofidelity to address critical unmet needs identified through discussions with global biopharma and diagnostics businesses. At Biofidelity, he has successfully led the company from inception to commercialization, building a world-class multinational team with a strong culture and high staff engagement. He has raised more than $35 million in financing including winning an Innovate UK grant for Biofidelity’s early technology development. His work has been widely recognized, and in 2021 Biofidelity won the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Start Up of the Year Award. Prior to co-founding Biofidelity, Barney was Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Board member at Base4, where he led operational management, molecular biology development, IP and finance, and worked with the CEO to raise more than $20 million in investment. He invented and led the development of a novel DNA sequencing platform, as well as a molecular technology which enabled detection of DNA nucleotides at >10,000x the sensitivity of the existing state of the art. All these experiences uniquely positioned Barnaby to found and to lead Biofidelity. Barnaby holds a MPhys in Physics from the University of Oxford and a PhD in Quantum Optics from the University of Cambridge.