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BIO events attract the most sophisticated investors in the life science community and provide a robust forum for this community to engage in the advancement of promising technologies that improve and save lives. BIO is pleased to provide complimentary registration to qualified investors under BIO’s revised investor policy. Please review the additional criteria to see if you qualify.

Qualified investors are defined as institutional, private equity, angel, and venture investors with funds on-hand, and at least $25M assets under management, whose primary activity is a direct investment in research and development companies. Equity research analysts from investment banking institutions and buy-side analysts also qualify as investors.

An investor who receives complimentary registration is expected to participate in the BIO One-on-One Partnering System, ideally with at least two meetings accepted through the system. 

The fund name, portfolio type, and other helpful information is needed for BIO to process your registration appropriately. Receipt of complimentary registration for a prior year's event does not automatically qualify a registrant for complimentary registration in 2024. In cases where no information is attainable via investor relations databases and/or the internet, searches may be required to provide additional information.

Organizations who apply for investor registration, that have a service-providing component to their business model, such as investor relations, contract services, organizations, or who host competitive events will be ineligible for complimentary investor registration. Should BIO discover undisclosed information about an organization's business model AFTER an application has been approved, it may be rescinded at BIO’s discretion.


The last date to apply for complimentary investor registration is October 9, 2024, to ensure BIO One-on-One Partnering access and usage. 

There will be NO new complimentary investor registrations accepted on-site in San Francisco; please register in advance.

Deputy Vice President, Industry Research, Investor Outreach, and Education

Bernard Fallon

Bernard Fallon