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AMR Therapeutics Inc. (AMRTx)

October 18, 2023
Franciscan C
Infectious Diseases
Company Description: Company Name: AMR Therapeutics (AMRTx) Company Description: AMRTx is a pioneering biotechnology firm. We are dedicated to revolutionizing post-antibiotics patient care by developing the future anti-bacterial infection drugs. Key Points: - Novel "Anti-Infective Drugs": "Anti-infectives" outpace antibiotics, countering drug-resistant mutations with early interventions. - Diverse Pipeline: Small molecules, peptides, proteins, and monoclonal antibodies. - Patent Advantage: "Cell shaving" tech, Biopharm+TechBio Platform Why Invest in AMRTx: AMRTx aligns with revolutionary anti-infectious innovation with a robust pipeline. We're in resonance with the substantial market demand for innovative solutions amidst the "post-antibiotics era" demand. Our team merges expertise and entrepreneurship, led by a clear roadmap for pharmaceutic development. Together, we reshape infectious disease treatment, impacting lives globally. For information and opportunities, contact us at
Zhiwen Zhang, Founder, CTO, Professor - AMR Therapeutics




United States


CEO/Top Company Official

Dr. Zhiwen Jonathan Zhang, Dr. Gary Li

Lead Product in Development

Our developmental forefront encompasses two categories of lead products: A) Five small molecule candidates (ATX 1-5) are meticulously designed to directly impede the pivotal bacterial enzyme catalyzing the presentation of virulence factors on the surface of gram-positive bacterial cells. This strategy effectively halts bacterial infections from targeting mammalian cells. ATX-B1, a second-generation small molecule inhibitor, was rapidly designed through an in-house generative AI platform. B) Three biological candidates (protein AXTPC, peptide AXPN1, and monoclonal antibody AXmAb1) distinctly attenuate bacterial infections by precisely obstructing long-range communication between bacterial and mammalian cells. These candidates mark pioneering "anti-infective" therapies, especially the biological candidates, which herald a transformative avenue for preventive anti-infectious drugs and vaccine development. All these candidates have exhibited substantial inhibitory efficacy in both in vitro tests and live cell assays, solidifying their "first-in-kind" status. Our current focus lies in the preclinical stage, leveraging these promising results to advance toward clinical translation.

Development Phase of Primary Product


Number Of Unlicensed Products

We currently have 8 unlicensed products in our portfolio. These products are in various stages of development and are pending the necessary regulatory approvals.