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Sonata Therapeutics

October 17, 2023
Franciscan B
Multiple Therapeutics
Company Description: Sonata Therapeutics is creating a new class of therapeutics called network medicines. These are the first therapeutics designed specifically to reprogram diseased cells in order to release signals that modulate and synchronize multicellular networks towards cure. This paradigm shift in drug development – selecting targets based on their ability to launch a cascade of activity that modulates the full disease microenvironment – could move the field of immunotherapy beyond the standard of addressing only a subset of the multicellular network. In essence, Sonata is transforming the drivers of disease to become the coordinators of cure. Sonata is building a diverse portfolio of promising medicines for oncology and exploring additional therapeutic areas such as fibrosis and tissue regeneration where multicellular networks play a key role.
Volker Herrmann, President and CEO - Sonata therapeutics