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Shaperon Inc.

October 17, 2023
Franciscan B
Company Description: Shaperon Inc. is a clinical stage biotech company (KOSDAQ Ticker: 378800). It has 3 clinical stage assets. (1) Atopic Dermatitis: US FDA IND approval in September 2023. With its excellent clinical trial phase 2 data in Korea, Shaperon is ready to begin phase 2 study in the US. (2) Alzheimer's Disease: Clinical trial phase 1 in Korea going on. Better animal data compared to the recently approved antibody. (3) COVID 19 Pneumonia: Clinical trial phase 2 results from multi-national studies were announced in August 2023. With positive data, this might be re-positioned in other pneumonia indications because this targets inflammasomes themselves, not the virus. Also, in pre-clinical stages, other pipelines such as NASH and obesity have been in the development. With its own proprietary nanobody technology, Shaperon has been developing bispecific and trispecific nanobody pipelines. Its lead pipeline is CD47xPD-L1 bispecific nanobody without RBC binding and hemoglutination issues.
Shawn Seong, CEO - Shaperon Inc.