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Qureator Inc

October 17, 2023
Franciscan C
Company Description: Each year, an investment of $50 to $60 billion is directed towards oncology clinical trials, only to face an alarming 90% failure rate. The elevated failure rate largely stems from challenges in accurately predicting drug responses, as assessed in clinical trials. To address this pressing concern, leading experts in the domain of preclinical in vitro models using state-of-the-art organ-on-chips technologies, including seasoned professionals from Vertex Pharmaceuticals known for their expertise in developing pioneering drugs using disease-relevant in vitro models, have come together under the banner of Qureator. Our mission at Qureator is to refine the process of drug development by creating advanced, human-relevant in-vitro preclinical models. These sophisticated models closely mirror human biology, presenting a promising avenue to enhance drug development success rates.
Kyu Baek, CEO - Qureator Inc