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Panavance Therapeutics Inc

October 17, 2023
Franciscan C
Panavance Therapeutics Inc. is a privately-held, clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a novel oncology platform focused on improving the outcomes and quality of life for patients. Panavance, a US Delaware company, is located in Berwyn, PA and was founded in 2021 as a newco carved out of the private, family-owned Swiss company, Ed. Geistlich Söhne AG für Chemische Industrie. Geistlich had developed GP-2250 in their laboratories. We established Panavance with an exclusive license for all GP-2250 rights to focus on the oncology business and this program since this is a non-core asset and clinical development / oncology are not core competencies of the Geistlich group. Our lead program, misetionamide (also known as GP-2250), is a tumor cell selective and broadly active small molecule with a unique dual mechanism of action of selectively disrupting the energy metabolism of cancer cells leading to cancer cell death as well as impacting nuclear factor-κB (“NFκBâ€') which effects cancer cells' ability for protein and DNA, transcription thereby restricting cancer cell growth and proliferation. The Company is currently in a dose escalation Phase 1 pancreatic cancer clinical study in 4 US and 2 Korean sites with 39 patients to-date including now 4 partial responders in recent dose cohorts. We are advancing towards the initiation of two registration directed clinical studies expected to start in H2 2024 once our dose is determined in the on-going Phase 1. These registration studies include a Phase 2/3 for the treatment of ovarian cancer in combination with leading anti-cancer agents and a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial as a first-line maintenance therapy for non-BRCA mutated pancreatic cancer patients, a population for which there are no FDA approved agents. GP-2250's unique mechanism of action and extensive preclinical data supports broad oncology utility with the potential to be effective in additional indications, including melanoma, squamous cell, breast and colorectal cancers. As Panavance advances through our Phase 1 study and towards the pivotal trials, we are seeking new partners to support the funding and development of this exciting program.
Greg Bosch, Chairman & CEO - Panavance Therapeutics, Inc.