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OmniSpirant Limited

October 18, 2023
Franciscan B
Gene/Cell Therapy
Company Description: OmniSpirant was founded by Mr Gerry McCauley, a pharmacist, and inventor of the first-in-class inhaled regenerative gene therapy platform technology (OmniSomes). OmniSpirant identified and has developed differential abilities in working with surface engineered extracellular vesicles (EVs) and harnessing them to carry genetic information to target cells and tissues to enhance the treatment of cancer and lung diseases. Delivery of RNA and DNA gene therapies to the lung is especially challenging with over 25 years of attempts and failures in the case of CF. OmniSpirant believe the OmniSome technology is the ‘Rosetta stone', a key enabling platform to develop multiple lung-targeted gene therapies. OmniSpirant has been awarded €4.8M of Horizon Europe funding as leader of the INSPIRE consortium to develop OS003, our OmniSome treatment for cancer. The pan-European consortium of expert partners has been awarded a total of €13.4M under this prestigious research and innovation award.
Gerry McCauley, CEO - OmniSpirant Limited