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Market Outlook: Timing the Next Tide for IPOs and Prioritizing Capital Partners

October 18, 2023
Imperial Ballroom
After an 80% decline in IPO volume from the 2021 peak and the Federal Reserve's start of raising interest rates, conditions appear now to be shifting towards stabilizing rates and slowly opening the IPO window. Biopharma venture capital investing is below peak but at pre-pandemic levels in total spend, however concentrating in slightly fewer total placements, which is intensifying competition for existing funding. Such conditions are inspiring growth in reverse mergers, new licensing deals, and alternative financing options. Learn from an expert panel if the flattening of interest rates and other late 2023 market conditions will provide clarity for biopharma investment availability to increase, as well as learn how companies seeking capital should prioritize their funding options and M&A perspectives.
Eric Chang, Executive Director, Corporate Development - Gilead Sciences
Ellen Lubman, Chief Business Officer - Werewolf Therapeutics
Carolyn Ng, Partner and Managing Director - TPG Life Sciences Innovations
Chen Yu, Founder and Managing Partner - TCG Crossover (TCGX)
Phillip Ebner, Executive Director, Life Sciences - JP Morgan Chase & Company