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Maipl Therapeutics, Inc.

October 17, 2023
Franciscan D
Reproductive/Sexual Health
Maipl has created an exceptionally potent small molecule prostaglandin PGF2α antagonist, MA-7107, that has exquisite selectivity, without interfering other essential prostaglandin functions. High level of PGF2α is an underlying cause of multiple diseases in uterus, lung, eye, and other organs. The therapeutic rationale of selective inhibition of the PGF2α pathway has been well established. However, despite three decades of discovery efforts by pharmaceutical companies, there is no approved drug to date that specifically targets the PGF2α pathway. The primary indication of MA-7107 is menstrual pain. Its diagnoses include primary dysmenorrhea (no underlying medical condition) and secondary (endometriosis or fibroids). Many women use NSAIDs to relieve pain, but they work only in 49% of the patients (~8 million in U.S.), can only take the edge off, and carry significant risks. A safe, potent, and non-hormonal Rx is highly desirable. We are also exploring the use of MA-7107 for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), by following strong clinical and pharmacological evidence implicating PGF2α in IPF. With a 5-year survival of 20-40%, the mortality rate of IPF is worse than many types of cancer. Maipl Therapeutics is seeking seed investment for IND filing of development candidate MA-7107 and key translational studies.
Yong Yue, President and CEO - Maiple Therapeutics, Inc