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GATC Health

October 17, 2023
Franciscan B
Tools/Drug Development Support Tech
Company Description: GATC Health is an AI company transforming drug development and disease prediction. Our proprietary Multiomics Advanced Technologyâ„¢ (MAT) simulates complex human physiology for therapeutic target (disease) identification, accurate drug discovery, and detailed insight into safety and efficacy. The company is developing its own compounds, collaborating with innovators and R&D departments to optimize and speed up their development, as well as helping investors in their due diligence by better predicting clinical trial outcomes. GATC's talented team includes veterans from IBM Watson, Roche, MIT, Northrop Grumman, and the Human Genome Project. A renowned and active board of advisors, including Herb Boyer, co-founder of Genentech, Tomas Philipson, former Acting Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors in the White House and senior economic advisor to the heads of the FDA and CMS, and Dr Richard Schatz, co-inventor of the coronary stent, among others.
Chad Penry, Director of Business Development - GATC Health