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Farcast Biosciences

October 17, 2023
Franciscan D
Platform for Therapeutics
Company Description: Farcast's mission is to improve predictability in cancer treatment. Farcast's Human Tumor Microdynamics (hTMD) platform generates and mines“tumor response big dataâ€' by uniquely culturing and assaying fresh cancer tissue samples. Farcast's platform delivers truly “biorepresentative level 3â€' response insights and AI driven biosignatures discovery The platform has the experience of processing over 24,000 live human tumors processed Farast is a revenue stage company with 10 biotech customers across the US, Europe, Japan for therapeutics development services Farcast is in "pre-revenue" stage in developing a diagnostic test technology and there are 3 concurrent ongoing trials that are aimed at delivering clinical convergence.
Mohit Malhotra, CEO - Farcast Biosciences