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Eyam Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Ltd

October 17, 2023
Franciscan B
EYAM is a platform biotech company with strong animal efficacy data for an AI-informed self-amplifying RNA/DNA smart vector. We are seeking investment and strategic partnership opportunities. At Eyam, our mission is to bring “Next Generationâ€' vaccine and therapeutic technologies to market to solve today's health care needs. Eyam's Gemini is a self-amplifying RNA and DNA plasmid platform that overcomes many of the limitations of traditional vaccine and therapeutic platforms and leverages the power of RNA combined with the stability of DNA technologies. Gemini's novel vectors create greater stability, increased payload size, longer protein expression, all without using lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). Studies have proven that Gemini is several orders of magnitude safer than FDA standards for vector integration while bypassing the need for LNP encapsulation, eliminating this inflammatory component in other mRNA platforms. Eyam's proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform, the Jennerator, uses a set of machine learning techniques to select better disease fighting targets. The Jennerator is an algorithm that is constantly being fed data from the entire human population to develop a large library of effective candidates for vaccines and cancers. This data will then predict which peptides are most prevalent for the disease we are targeting, which is then put into the Gemini platform. The Jennerator's predictive power exceeds other algorithm drive epitope predictions and head-to-head T and B cells wet-lab mapping comparisons.
Ryan Thomas, CEO - Eyam Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Ltd