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Epion Therapeutics, Inc.

October 18, 2023
Franciscan D
Epion Therapeutics (Epion) is developing innovative treatments for corneal diseases with the goal of saving and improving vision for millions of patients around the world. EpiSmartâ„¢, its transformative cross-linking system targeting keratoconus, a common type of corneal ectasia, is designed to be minimally invasive with reduced discomfort and a significantly reduced recovery time versus current standards of care. Epion's elegant approach will elevate the standard of care for keratoconus by enabling the treatment of both eyes simultaneously and eliminating the need for further deterioration. With a true Epi-On approach that does not disrupt the epithelium, Epion is striving to deliver safer and more accessible vision-preserving care to millions of patients globally.
Michael Webb, President & CEO - Epion Therapeutics, Inc.