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DIMERx, Inc.

October 17, 2023
Franciscan D
Pain Management
DIMERx is a platform company progressing an oral, non-addictive opioid analgesic for chronic pain through mid/late-stage clinical trials. DIMERx is developing DMX-101, a dimer of buprenorphine, for the treatment of chronic pain. In a recent Phase 2 clinical trial in IBS-D patients (NCT # 04129619 as ORP-101), DMX-101 was shown to be safe and improved abdominal pain. This compelling evidence supports advancing DMX-101 more broadly as a non-addictive, peripherally active opioid analgesic alternative to conventional opioids and as a strategy to prevent opioid use disorder among patients with chronic pain. DIMERx anticipates the profile of DMX-101 will support its prescription without being scheduled as a controlled substance.
Nikhilesh Singh - DIMERx, Inc.