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Degron Therapeutics

October 17, 2023
Franciscan C
Company Description: Degron Therapeutics is a preclinical-stage biotech dedicated to the discovery and development of a new class of targeted protein degradation therapeutics – small molecule molecular glue degrader (MGD) drugs, bringing solutions to disease targets that are undruggable by conventional small molecule inhibitors. Degron Therapeutics has built a unique molecular glue library with different core structures from those of IMiDs, allowing it to explore new chemical space and differentiated targets. Furthermore, the company has established a scientifically robust molecular glue Mechanism of Action (MOA) validation system, unlocking the potential to address challenging drug targets. This cutting-edge platform provides invaluable insights into the mechanisms behind molecular glue drugs, enabling the discovery of novel MGD drugs for previously undruggable disease targets.
Lily Zou, Chief Executive Officer - Degron Therapeutics