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October 17, 2023
Franciscan D
Company Description: Craif has developed a miRNA platform and proprietary sampling technology that allows the capture of lower expression RNA in order to develop assays that can accurately predict a patient with early stage cancer from a high risk patient. We launched our MultiCancer Early Detection assay miSignal in Japan in early 2022. It currently covers seven cancer types (pancreatic, ovarian, esophageal, lung, breast, colon and stomach). Craif USA was formed in 2023 to bring this platform to the US market with a focus on one of the cancers with the greatest unmet need (pancreatic). We are currently collecting cancers and high risk controls to start the validation of the assay on a US population, are planning a large pancreatic prospecitve study in 2024, and are developing a US portfolio strategy which reflects unmet clinical need and the competitive landscape.
Ryuichi Onose, CEO - Craif