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Aruna Bio

October 18, 2023
Franciscan B
Company Description: Aruna's AB126, a therapeutic exosome, is an innovative neural anti-inflammatory and neuromodulator that naturally crosses the blood-brain-barrier. Using exosomes from neural stem cells, Aruna's AB126 has several therapeutic benefits. It reduces pro-inflammatory T-cells, increases anti-inflammatory T-cells and macrophages, protects cells from death and increases neural stem cell regeneration. This gives it enormous potential to be a powerful therapeutic that mitigates the damaging inflammatory effects of chronic neurodegenerative diseases and acute conditions like stroke while protecting and regenerating cells to aid in the recovery. Aruna is filing their first IND Sept/Oct 2023 for treatment of ischemic stroke. AB126 recently completed a SOD1 ALS study with significant reduction in NfL, RIPK1 and primary inflammatory cytokines
Stephen From, CEO - Aruna Bio