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AI and Computational Biology to Reach Undruggable Targets

October 18, 2023
Imperial Ballroom
Last year, Google's AlphaFold project demonstrated it can model more than 200 million molecular 3-D structures, including nearly all known proteins, by applying computational biology and artificial intelligence techniques.  Companies are already using this freely available data and other software tools to reverse engineer new drug candidates and to pursue previously undruggable disease targets. Hear from experts in the field about the methods and applications currently available as well as directions for the next wave of accelerating drug discovery using high-speed algorithms.
Mark DePristo, CEO and Co-Founder - BigHat Biosciences
Handol Kim, Co-Founder and CEO - Variational AI
Khai Minh Pham, Founder and CEO - ThinkingNode Life Science, Inc.
Jerome Fox, Chief Executive Officer - Think Bioscience
Raphael Townshend, Founder & CEO - Atomic AI