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Advagene Biopharma

October 18, 2023
Franciscan D
Advagene is a discovery company focuses on immunotherapy and intranasal vaccine for respiratory hypersensitivity and infection. The LTh(αK), intellectual property owned by Advagene, is developed by the Development Center of Biotechnology (DCB) and licensed to Advagene Biopharma. LTh(αK) is an intranasal immunomodulator that induces epithelial cells of nasal mucosa to express type I and III interferons (IFN-I/III). This compartmentalized IFN-I/III expression provides important clinical advantages as an intranasal adjuvant and immunomodulatory treatment for viral infection and respiratory hypersensitivity. Currently, Advagene has completed clinical trials on intranasal trivalent influenza vaccines (NCT03293732/Phase I, NCT03784885/Phase II), allergic rhinitis therapy (NCT04088721/Phase IIa), and COVID-19 therapy (NCT05069610/Phase IIa). In addition, Advagene has two ongoing trials on COVID-19 therapy (NCT05541510/Phase II/III) and moderate to severe eosinophilic asthma therapy (NCT05069610/Phase II).
Mingi Chang - Advagene Biopharma